Dildos and Strap-Ons and Pegging, OH MY!

What’s the best thing about a strap-on? Let me count the things!




From hot girl on girl action to the wonderful world of pegging, we will take an in depth look at all the ways both men and women can enjoy sexy strap-on fun.

Guys, when was the last time you used a strap-on to please your girl? Let’s talk about that!

Ladies, don’t like the feel of a heavy leather harness? Let’s talk about alternatives!

Haven’t bought a harness yet? I bet you have some rope and a dildo around!


Switching – Have your cake and eat it too!

Tops know they are tops and bottoms know they are bottoms. But what if you find yourself looking at that flogger with a dual sense of longing? To both give… and receive???

What does it mean when you want to be served by one person, but serve another person yourself?

Is it possible to be both?

Is it OKAY to be both?

In this two part discussion we will discuss the pros and cons of this unique situation, to include the social stigma associated with being a “switch,” as well as the confusion it creates for potential play partners.

We will delve into how to effectively approach a switch for play and how to simply enjoy being a switch in a culture all too often defined by upper and lower case letters.


Fisting Fun for Everyone!

Anal fisting.

Vaginal fisting.

All genders and sexual identities are welcome!

We will discuss why it feels “oh so good,”as well as  techniques, lubricants, and safety.

Join us for a fun and fabulous orifice filling presentation!!!


Playing Without the Toybag

Toys are fun and engaging. They can at once be exciting and terrifying. But what if you find yourself without a toybag?

Let’s back up a few steps and think about what it was (or is!) like to be new to BDSM. You walk into your first dungeon or observe a demonstration at an event – it is easy to be overwhelmed. Everyone has bags full of toys and you have… nothing. It can take time to build up a nice collection of toys, because toys are expensive. For most of us, buying fetish toys in bulk is not an option, so what do you do till you have a full bag?

We are going to focus on using the body as our toy of choice! From our teeth to our toes, we are going to explore the limitless possibilities in everything from rough body play to sensual sadism!


Are you ready to rumble?

Think about the best “angry sex” you’ve ever had…

It’s raw. It’s primal.

It’s unceremonious and passionate.

It is violent.

Nothing could describe Rough Body Play better for me!

As a sadist, there is nothing more enjoyable than hurting my partner with my bare hands.

Punching. Slapping. Kicking. Biting. Pinching.

Take down and grappling.

Skin on skin! With few, if any, toys to get in the way.

During this presentation we will talk about RBP scene dynamics, forms of resistance, safety concerns, and why this level of violence is such a turn on!